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The aim of the IIMVF

Currently, more research studies are being made to unlock the mechanisms underlying antigen-specific immune responses, a characteristic feature of the acquired immune system that is initiated by the innate immune system. Although “Immunological Memory” is a central theme in acquired immunity, it is not fully understood at the molecular, cellular and in vivo levels, and thus this research area needs to be given further stimulation particularly next generation of junior immunologists in Japan together with international leading scientists. New idea and findings from the modern research on “Immunological Memory” will contribute to the development of more effective and safer vaccines against infectious diseases, therapeutic vaccines for controlling so called pathogenic immune memory cells that trigger allergy or autoimmune diseases, and vaccines for cancer. This forum covers the issues of “immunological memory and vaccine research” in a broad sense, including basic to clinical immunological studies and translational research for vaccine development, aiming to provide an interactive and simulative environment for promoting exchange of new dogma, idea and data among young and established immunologists interesting on the area of immunological memory and vaccine studies with an international perspective. Hence we launch the International Immunological Memory and Vaccine Forum (IIMVF) holding a meeting once a year (or as needed) as a global platform, in order to promote; 1) information exchange and mutual professional and social friendship among junior researchers, and between junior and senior researchers, 2) dissemination of junior researchers’ studies to the world community by making presentations and discussions in the presence of world-class research leaders, and 3) industry-academia joint research at the international level, and securement of research funds.